Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Aulia Desinta

Aulia, a student at the university in Solo this hobby of cooking the same name. Even 19 years this woman had become a champion race between cooking school back in 2005. Despite Aulia cooking hobby but now the university medical student. Because it Aulia not be a doctor who can help those in need. In addition, the ideals Aulia, Aulia terpacu also by the father who is also a doctor. Therefore Aulia sure that the doctor can be a professional, because in the school education Aulia have from teachers (lecturers), while in the house Aulia sanga get guidance from my father who is not also a doctor.
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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Winda Lestari Maulana

Winda, 17 years old student of the city of Yogyakarta gudeg this is like music. Since even small Winda already have the talents and amazing talent. Winda also frequently appear in the local television station and local radio. After junior Winda with his friends form a music group (band group). But I have one friend who is too selfish Winda band so it does not survive long. Since then, Winda only play himself. Until finally at the time of exercise Winda music studio in nearby houses. There is someone who offers to make Winda music group (band group), and Winda also accept direct. Winda until now and his new musical play is still exist.
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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cantika Septiana

Cantika, and was a model student. beautiful women, sexy and white favorite food is yam (ugh beautiful I love yam y? hehe) "I like the name also can create" said Cantika. Indeed, first Cantika do not like, but when forced to eat the same friends now Cantika eventually even like to eat the yam. Even the contents of the refrigerator Cantika filled with yam. If I have exhausted Cantika parents to buy a small shop near the house. Cantika who is also a student at a university in Yogyakarta is also the world modeling, since small Cantika have joined to become a model. Even now Cantika many trophies that Cantika get. Cantika also a public champion girl in a magazine cover in Yogyakarta in 2005 back. Hopefully it always successful Cantika ok.
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